Training and Professional Development

Training and Professional Development is available for the following individuals:

  • Principals and School Administrators
  • Teachers and Support Staff
  • Students in Preschool through Grade 8
  • Parents and Guardians

Training and Professional Development essentials follow:

  • Eight to twelve hours of professional development is suggested for school staffs, two hours for parents, and two hours for students
  • A collection of professional literature, children's literature, films, and related student materials will be recommended for the maintenance and sustainability of the program
  • Professional Development will be tailored to meet the needs of your organization
  • Student Assemblies and Parent Workshops are available
  • Presentations are comprised of lecture, modeling, structured activities, audio-visual, and seminar; where attendees present, discuss, and learn from one another

Topics which are covered include, but are not limited to:

  • The Bully, Victim/Target, Bystander
  • Verbal/Physical/Relational Bullying; Cyberbullying
  • Warning Signs for Teachers/Parents
  • Empowering the Bystander
  • Building a Safe School Community
  • Relationship Building
  • School-Wide Behavior Expectations
  • School-Wide Meetings/Classroom Meetings

To request a quote or to sign up for training please contact me.