Our school community realized that bullying is a problem in every school, taking form in even the most subtle behaviors.  As part of our school improvement process, we implemented the Peaceful People, Peaceful Place program presented by Dr. Michele Coyne over the course of the school year.  We saw results almost immediately.  Our children used the language in the program to express themselves, and the entire community shared a common level of non-acceptance for any form of bullying.  As administrators, we saw a dramatic decline in reports of bullying.  Through the book study and presentations, our teachers were able to recognize and stop incidents in the classroom.  Students were given tools to respond to bullying, and parents shared in a parent presentation that allowed them to partner with the school in stopping bully behavior both subtle and overt.  We plan to continue this program next year.

Suzi Furtwangler, Principal
Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School