Dr. Michele Coyne was born and raised in Grand Rapids. Dr. Coyne holds masters' degrees from Michigan State University and Western Michigan University. She received a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University in 2005. Dr. Coyne's dissertation examined the nature and extent of bullying among students in an urban school and used action research to provide strategies for the reduction and prevention of bullying.

Dr. Coyne was a teacher for 25 years and a building principal for 10 years. The anti-bully program that she developed and implemented provided the foundation for positive school climate, relationship building, and increased academic achievement at twelve elementary schools and four middle schools. Dr. Coyne has worked with diverse and at risk populations as well as parochial school communities. For additional information about Dr. Coyne's credentials, feel free to examine her resume.

"It is astonishing to me that we permit children to be victimized by the kind of verbal violence that adults would not tolerate in their own workplace. Indeed, in many instances adults subjected to such harassment would sue not only the perpetrator, but also their employer for allowing such an intolerable work environment."
- Elliott Aronson (Nobody Left to Hate: Teaching Compassion After Columbine 2000)


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