Bully Free Students is a comprehensive school-wide program with a systematic approach to the reduction and prevention of bullying in schools and lasting positive school climate. The following elements come together: a restructured disciplinary system, increased adult supervision, classroom meetings, weekly school-wide meetings, silent mentoring for challenging students, student focus groups, positive school-to-home communications, and a student reporting system.

All of the program elements operate within the scope of
Response to Intervention (RtI) and Positive Behavior Support (PBS).

The basic premise of the program is characterized by brief, weekly student meetings facilitated by the school principal, school counselor, or lead teacher. The content of the meetings is provided as an element of the training. Thirty lessons lead the students from awareness and identification through the empowerment of the bystander. The structure of the weekly meeting consists of instruction (8-12 minutes), celebrations (5-7 minutes), and goal setting (3-5 minutes).

The foundation for the components in Bully Free Students is rooted in the work of Dan Olweus, “Bullying in Schools,”  Stan Davis, “Schools Where Everyone Belongs,” Elliott Aronson, “Nobody Left  to Hate,” and Lawrence Kohlberg, “Constructivist Early Education.” Many other psychologists, educators, and researchers have contributed to the body of work which characterizes Bully Free Students.

Bully Free Students is not intended to have to have a "shelf-life." The assemblies and other features of the program are expected to become an integral and ongoing part of the school culture.

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